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SECNET - short for Secretaries Network held its first meeting in January 1999 by Barbara Andrews (School of Healthcare Studies). She had the idea that it would be useful to hold a Secretairal Staff Discussion Group so we could all pool ideas and draw on one anothers strengths. The next stage was to set up an e-mail discussion list for clerical and support staff with the assistance of Christina Misklaszewicz (University Computing Service). Anyone wishing to join this should contact her on Ext. 5416. Following from that we also identified a need for a social side to our by now blossoming membership. That is when I first became involved. Hazel Exely (Foundation Office) and I, together with support from other members formed a small committee and produced a questionnaire to find out what members were looking for and our first event was a trip to the Theatre. This has been followed by talks on Alternative Therapies, a Christmas party and a Wine and Cheese event with a very interesting talk from Simon Wood of Universtiy Catering. Simon has agreed to do a cookery demonstration in the summer break whic I am sure will be very popular. We are also planning an "Away Day" details of which will be issued shortly.

We have been holding monthly lunch time meetings at SDDU and have covered many topics including Presentation Skills, Assertiveness Training, Stress Management, Councelling, Personnel and Work Related Issues among many.

Our plan for future sessions have yet to be formed but include ideas on how to Organise Conferences and Workshops, Dealing with Harrasement and Bullying at work and Personal Safety. Our aim is to involve the members more and to encourage them to give their own presentations and share ideas. We recommence on 9th October at the usual time of 12.30 in Baines Wing and the first meeting will be an Open Forum session with the theme "Helping One Another". The sessions have been well attended but we feel that there are still more secretaries and Clerical staff out there who would benefit from joining us so do please come along.

Our last session of the season is on Thursday 11th May at 12.20 - 1.30 in Room G22 Baines Wing. If you are planning to join us please contact Barbara Andrews -

Christine Macdonald
School of Geography
Ext. 6635. email:

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