Reporter 451, 8 May 2000

Technical staff promotions for 2000

The following promotions have been announced among the University’s technical staff. The majority are backdated to 1 August 1999.

To grade B:

Thomas Dailey, Language Centre.

To grade C:

Stephen Fawcett, Gavin Batkin, Zaffar Iqbal, Lee Slator, Leigh Richardson, Jason Cooper and Iain Kerr, ISS; Peter Chambers and Francis Billinghurst, Chemistry; Marvin Willman, Civil Engineering; Nigel Belfitt, Dentistry.

To grade D:

Andrew Allsop, Elizabeth Henson, David Butterworth, Simon Maller, Paul Smith, Glenn Herbert and John Granahan, ISS; Jane Lynch, Media Services; Ian Blakeley, School of Chemistry; John Dalley, English; Rachel Gasior and Linda Gregorash, Geography; Alison Tisbury and Philippa Roddam, Medicine; Robert Harris, Process, Environmental & Materials Engineering; Manoj Rathod, Textile Industries.

To grade E:

Scott Fawcett, Biomedical Services; Mohammed Asaf, Colour Chemistry; Garry Lister and Vaseem Mohammed, ISS; Keith Ainley, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Christopher Feather, Biology; Michael Wallis and Andrew O’Brien, Biomedical Sciences; Keith Pierre, Civil Engineering; Timothy Whitehouse, Philip Murphy, Gary Keech and Robert Marshall, Earth Sciences; Richard Sykes, Education; Nicholas Banting, Sunalini Ekbote and Geoffrey Butterworth, Electronic & Electrical Engineering; Ian Kay, Mechanical Engineering; Edmund Woodhouse and Raymond Cowling, Process, Environmental & Materials Engineering; Brian Chesworth, Physics & Astronomy.

To grade F:

Melissa Davies, Colour Chemistry; Keith Norris and Glen Thompson, Physics & Astronomy; Brian Pennington, ISS; Patricia Shore, Paul Drake and Timothy Lee, Biomedical Sciences; Geoffrey Taylor, John Spence and Tanya Marinko-Covell, Chemistry; Lois Wright, Geography; Philip Wood and Brian Leach, Mechanical Engineering; Diane Bavester, Peter Thompson, John Haigh and Robert Boreham, Process, Environmental & Materials Engineering; David Blakeley and Doreen Illingworth, Biology.

To grade G:

Kenneth Peters, ISS; Michael China, Civil Engineering; Philip Fields, Earth Sciences; Terence Moseley, Electronic & Electrical Engineering; Austin Wilson, Process, Environmental & Materials Engineering.

To grade H:

Mansukh Patel, Physics & Astronomy.

To grade I:

Stephen Hunter, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Christopher Brier, Process, Environmental & Materials Engineering.

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