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1 Introduction

1.1 Applications are invited from members of the academic and academic-related staff for the above post which is available from 1st July. This appointment will initially be for 2 years and then for a term of 3 years (renewable). There will be a probationary period of one year. This is a residential post.


2 Brief description of the Flats

2.1 Situated in the grounds of Oxley Hall and benefiting from the same semi-rural setting just off Weetwood Lane, Oxley Flats houses 300 students. The site, adjacent to parks and the University playing fields, is served by good bus routes to the University and city centre. Residents occupy a single study bedroom with en-suite facilities and share kitchen facilities with 4 others. A bar with games room is situated in the grounds which provides an opportunity for social contact with residents of both the flats and the nearby Hall. The Flats Committee organises sporting and social activities.

2.2 The residents in the self-catering flats pay a rent which entitles them to remain in residence from September to June and includes the Christmas and Easter vacations. Residents also pay the cost of gas and electricity. Cleaning of the kitchens and bathrooms on a once a week basis is included in the rent. Students are expected to clean their own rooms and prepare their own meals.


3 Duties and Responsibilities (General information for all prospective Resident Advisers)

3.1 The Adviser to the residents will have the responsibility for selecting students, for guidance to individual students or their representatives on problems that may arise, for ensuring that the Rules and Administrative Instructions, the terms of the residence contracts and the Flat Constitutions are observed and, together with the Assistant Advisers, for dealing in the first instance with any disciplinary matters. The Adviser will be expected to liaise with the Accommodation Manager over action to be taken in cases of misconduct or non-payment of fees. In those units where there is a mixture of single and married accommodation, the allocation of married quarters will be carried out by the Accommodation Manager and that for single students by the Adviser.

3.2 There will be close links between the Adviser and:

(a) the Director of the Division of Residential and Commercial Services, who has overall responsibility for the running of the Student Accommodation Services.

(b) the Accommodation Manager, to whom all applications for University flats are made, and who has oversight of accommodation allocations and certain welfare and disciplinary matters. Clerical support for the Adviser is provided within Accommodation Services.

(c) the Flats Co-ordinator and the Property Co-ordinator who, under the management of the Property Manager, have overall responsibility for the fabric and oversight of cleaning and other site staff.

(d) the Student Housing Officer who, on a day-to-day basis, is the first person to whom a student may turn if there is a problem with the fabric in a flat, and whose diverse responsibilities include flat inspections to assess and report to both the Flats Co-ordinator and the Adviser on the state of cleanliness of flats.

3.3 Each Adviser is responsible to the Council through the Committee on Residential and Commercial Services.

3.4 The Adviser will be expected to be available at published times, on a twice-weekly basis, during the undergraduate teaching term in the Advisers office within Accommodation Services or on site. The Accommodation Manager must be advised of any absence, in order that appropriate cover may be arranged. Visits to individual flat units and occasional emergency call-outs will also be needed, both in term-time and the Christmas and Easter vacations. It is envisaged that residential Advisers will normally be in residence at least in the undergraduate terms (including at weekends).

    1. The initial selection of undergraduate students by Advisers is normally done in late June/early July for the unconditional candidates and mid August/September for those applicants whose academic place is conditional upon the attainment of appropriate entrance requirements. This timetable for selections may be modified in the future if the University starts its academic year earlier than at present. At certain peak times for admissions, it may be necessary to visit Accommodation Services on a daily basis. If the Adviser is not available then allocations may be made by the Accommodation Manager but only after attempts have been made to contact the Adviser. All the initial allocations for new international postgraduates are made by the Accommodation Manager or Senior Accommodation Assistants.

3.6 In some flats the occupants have decided to institute an Amenity Fund. The latter is used by the Students' Committee to pump prime social activities and at present the money is collected from the students via their residence account. The Adviser is required to check that accounts of income and expenditure are kept and that copies are submitted to the Divisional Accountant for auditing and formal approval at the end of each term. It is recognised that the Adviser is not financially or legally responsible for the accounts. Attached are copies of the Notes of Guidance for Wardens and Flat Advisers and the guidelines issued to Student Treasurers of Amenity Funds.





4 Basis of Appointment

4.1 The appointment will be on a part-time basis. The Adviser is expected, therefore, to combine his/her duties with academic and other University work. It will not be usual for any adjustment of departmental duties to be made. Any adjustment that may be needed will be discussed with the Vice-Chancellor by the Head of Department concerned, who will be consulted before the appointment is made.

4.2 Any accommodation provided should be considered as the Resident Adviserís regular abode and he/she should live there as his/her main place of residence. The Resident Adviser may be required to sign a Service Occupancy Licence for the accommodation provided.

4.3 The Adviser will need to be prepared to be consulted in any emergency and to make appropriate arrangements for his/her duties to be covered in his/her absence. He/she will be expected to attend meetings of Advisers/Wardens which are normally held once or twice a term.

    1. Each Resident Adviser will receive, for undertaking the duties and responsibilities outlined above, an annual honorarium of £2,091. The Adviser will also receive an entertainment allowance, reimbursement for telephone rental and appropriate travelling expenses. Additional allowances for Resident Advisers are as stipulated on the Service Occupancy Licence.

4.5 There will be a review of performance by a small group chaired by the Director of Residential and Commercial Services after six months for new appointees, followed by a review at the end of the probationary year.

4.6 Discussions with all Advisers on an individual basis will be undertaken annually by the Director of Residential and Commercial Services.

4.7 Should the performance of the Adviser be deemed unsatisfactory, a formal caution will be issued to the Adviser and specific advice given about the improvements that are expected. If after 4 months the appropriate improvements have not been made and sustained then the small group chaired by the Director of Residential and Commercial Services will make a recommendation to the Chairperson of the Committee on Residential and Commercial Services that the appointment be terminated.

Given the sensitive nature of the contact with students in residence and the importance of the Adviser providing an appropriate role model, then in the case of an alleged very serious dereliction of the Adviserís duty, immediate suspension from the Advisership may be implemented.

Any suspension or early termination of an Adviserís contract on the grounds of unsatisfactory performance of the Adviserís role is viewed as a matter which is separate from the academic, academic-related or administrative post held by the person concerned.

4.8 If an Adviser wishes to resign before the end of his/her contract, he/she will be expected, if possible, to stay until the end of the academic year and to give one term's notice of his/her intention to do so in order that a suitable replacement may be found.

4.9 An appointment to the post of Adviser is conditional upon the holder continuing to hold an academic, senior library, senior administrative or academic-related post on a permanent basis. As the post can only be held by a member of the academic or related staff, the termination of the substantive appointment for any reason will automatically terminate the post of Adviser.

5 Process of Application

5.1 Requests for further information may be made to Ann Collier on ext. 6079, e-mail and informal enquiries may be made to Heather Sugden, the Accommodation Manager, extension 6071

Applications, in the form of a brief cv, and specifically giving details of present post in the University, education and previous career history, age, and any relevant experience, should be sent to Mr DL Irving, Director of Residential and Commercial Services, the Refectory Building by Friday 26th May. Please include the names and contact details of two referees with your application.

It is expected that interviews for the post will take place on Tuesday 20th June.







March 2000