Reporter 451, 8 May 2000

Boys mean business

Students in the Business School built a million-pound fortune on paper to win an equity trading competition between 20 teams of undergraduates. Students on the second and third year financial markets and institutions module competed in the investment game. Each team was allocated a nominal £100,000 to invest in London Stock Exchange quoted equities, with the objective of maximising their portfolio value over an eight-week period.

Only one team ‘lost’ money, whilst the winning team managed to increase its initial £100,000 portfolio to a staggering £936,867 between February and March. The winning team of undergraduates - Amit Rama, Chris Hatton, Stephen Jones, Nandit Raja, Chi Yeong Lok, and Toshun Bhuwanee - called themselves ‘Buffet’s Boys’ in honour of legendary American investor Warren Buffet.

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