Reporter 450, 3 April 2000

In the news

The department of fine art has featured this week across a variety of media. The Observer, in a piece about the London art scene, commented on Elizabeth Price, a Leeds fine art graduate now running the Dot gallery in London.

Hayley Newman, a fine art PhD student, was shortlisted for the highly prestigious Beck awards, which were featured on Channel 4 News. The winner of these awards for new upcoming talent receives £20,000.
The most famous of recent fine art graduates, the Leeds 13, have again hit the headlines, this time with an exhibition and sale of souvenirs of Going Places, their hoax Spanish holiday which made up an end-of-year exhbition. The Times, Radio 5, the Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post all expressed surprise at the price tags on some of the exhibits, ranging from £69.99 for a bikini to £13m for photo albums, but members of the group insisted they were trying to challenge the ‘ridiculous’ way an object’s value is determined.

Petra Rogers of Healthcare Studies, who also teaches the Czech language in Russian & Slavonic Studies, helped out a Leeds United fan in advance of last month’s UEFA Cup tie against Slavia Prague. Leon Parrish was determined to make the trip - but he recently underwent serious surgery and needed a letter in Czech explaining his medical condition.
As the Yorkshire Evening Post reported, Petra happily obliged, though her heart was not necessarily on the side of the Elland Road outfit. A 2-1 victory for Slavia on March 23 was a reasonable compromise, since it left Leeds winning 4-2 on aggregate.

The Times Higher Education Supplement this week featured at length a new interim report, part of HEFCE’s review of research funding policy, written by Dr Jonathan Adams, head of the University’s higher education policy unit.

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