Reporter 450, 3 April 2000

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Committee on Nominations and Representatives

The Committee on Nominations and Representatives will be meeting on Friday 12 May to discuss vacancies on University Committees and representatives on outside bodies. Committee vacancies this year include:

Committee on Honorary Degrees (six vacancies vice Professors Anning, Dickson, Cove, Crolla, Gooch and Watson)

Committee on Applications (two vacancies vice Dr J H Parish and an existing vacancy)

Committee on Promotional Chairs (two vacancies from BLESS vice Professors Jenkins and Wheeler)

Committee on Readerships (one vacancy from Biological Sciences vice Professor Phillips)

Existing members are eligible for further appointment.

There are also a number of vacancies on outside bodies:

Bingley Grammar School Foundation

Giggleswick School

The Read School, Drax

North and West Yorkshire Committee for the Professional Development of Teachers

Nominations and general enquiries regarding any of the above vacancies should be addressed in the first instance to Helen Pickersgill in the Secretariat (ext 4036, by Friday 28 April 2000.

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