Reporter 449, 20 March 2000

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The Refuse Collection Service has recently been re-tendered and awarded to UK Waste for three years. The contract price is based on the weight of refuse removed from the University campus, which is presently approximately 33 tonnes per week.

In order to reduce the tonnage going to landfill we will be looking to introduce new recycling initiatives and encourage greater participation in existing ones such as the office paper recycling scheme. In 1999 we collected 224 tonnes of paper, thus saving the University approximately 9k on current prices. However significant amounts of paper are still being disposed of in the refuse bins. The more paper that is recycled and taken out of the general waste stream, the less it will cost the University.

In order to assist in keeping the campus clean, when disposing of polystyrene packaging could you please put this in a black bag before placing in the refuse bins. Cardboard should not be placed in the refuse bins, but should be flattened and placed in one of the cardboard storage sites situated around campus.

UK Waste will also be responsible for the collection of confidential and recycled office papers, for which the University will receive 15 per tonne income.

All good quality paper can be recycled: -



i.e. Correspondence,



Reports, Copying,


Brown paper

Ruled or Plain paper


Tissue paper


The paper should be put in the recycling drums, which have been provided at convenient locations in each building taking part in the scheme, and are emptied regularly by the cleaning staff.

If you would like to take part in the scheme, require additional drums, or make arrangements for the disposal of waste please contact Mr Dave Crombie on Ext 3432.

Many thanks for helping to create a clean and environmentally friendly campus.

Janet Willis

Cleaning Services Manager

March 2000

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