Reporter 449, 20 March 2000

New chairs

Dr Andrew Bell has been appointed to a Chair of Electronic Materials in the Department of Materials from March 1. Professor Bell was previously research and development manager with components manufacturer Oxley Developments Company in Cumbria. His major research interests include ceramics for electronic components, though he also works with polymers and metals.
He specialises in piezoelectric materials for sensors and actuators, and in materials for microwave communications and capacitors.

Dr Daniel Dorling, a Reader in Geography in the School of Geographical Sciences at the University of Bristol, has been appointed to a Chair of Quantitative Human Geography in the School of Geography from March 1. His publications and research interests centre on the social, medical and political geography of Britain, including housing policy, health inequalities and the interpretation of census data.

Dr Christopher Lord has been appointed to a Chair of European Politics in the Institute of Politics and International Studies from January 1.
Professor Lord was previously a senior lecturer in the institute, holding a Jean Monnet lectureship. His research interests are focused on the institutions and political processes of the European Union.
His new chair coincides with a three-year study Fellowship in Brussels, funded by the ESRC.

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