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Staff doctorates - detailed

Staff at the colleges of Leeds University are now eligible for PhD degrees for published work. Candidates should be full-time members of staff with at least three years in post and work submitted must have been undertaken in that time. Candidates must first provide a curriculum vitae and list of publications for consideration by the Graduate Board and if it agrees they have a case will then go to examination. Submissions will normally consist of a formal letter of application, summary and supporting statement of at least 5000 and not more than 6000 words. The work must make a contribution to knowledge in the relevant subject area, demonstrate originality and critical ability, and provide evidence of capacity for further research. There will also be an oral exam. Submissions will be examined by two External Examiners and one Internal Examiner. A further 4 years will be required before resubmission. Candidates should submit documentation to Mrs J Y Findlay in the Research Degrees and Scholarships Office for consideration by the Graduate Board. The staff examination fee is 704.

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