Reporter 448, 6 March 2000

New chairs

Dr Monty Duggal has been appointed to a chair of child dental health in the Dental Institute. Professor Duggal cwas previously a senior lecturer in the Institute. His major research interests include diet and dental health, dental health of children with cancer and the management of dental trauma in children.

Ruth Pearson, previously senior lecturer at the University of East Anglia, has been appointed to a chair of development studies in the Institute for Politics and International Studies and Director of the Centre for Developmental Studies. Her major research interests include gender and economic rights, the social economy and the social policy implications of globalisation and industrialisation. Most of her research has been carried out in Latin America.

Selma Sevenhuijsen has been appointed visiting professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy for three years. Professor Sevenhuijsen currently holds a chair in the ethics and politics of care at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Her major research interests focus on the philosophical foundations and the political implications of the ethic of care. She is also an advisory board member of the ESRC research group.

José Closs has been appointed to a Chair of Nursing Research in the Division of Nursing, School of Healthcare Studies, as from January 1. Prior to this she was a senior lecturer in the Division. Her major research interests are concerned with pain assessment, sleep management and the integration of research findings into nursing practice.

Mohamed Pourkashanian has been appointed to a Chair of High Temperature Combustion Processes in the Department of Fuel and Energy. Professor Pourkashanian was previously a reader in the department. His major research interests focus on the combustion and environmental science fields with current emphasis including hazardous waste incineration and alternative fuel combustion.

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