Reporter 447, 21 February 2000


Dancers from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance performed in London for the first time earlier this month. Students from all year groups performed a variety of contemporary pieces at the Place Theatre on February 1. Pictured during their routine are Louise Serrano and Mark Anderson. "The Place is probably the country’s leading centre for contemporary dance and the experience will be very valuable for us all," said the college’s Luke Judd. The college’s end of term showcase takes place on April 4-7. For more information call the NSCD on 219 3000.

Emergency service

Volunteers are needed to help staff 24-hour telephone helplines in the event of a major incident or emergency. Another twelve people at least are needed. Full lunchtime training (and refreshments) will be given.

The provision of helplines is part of the University's new critical incident management plan. For more information contact Lorraine Whewell on ext 6082 (

Updating the web

An exercise is under way to ensure that all electronic information about course programmes and modules is up to date. Geoff Lidster, who was responsible for co-ordinating the University’s Y2K work, has been appointed catalogue manager, with a brief to ensure that all course data from departments is current and will be available electronically (on the WWW) for timetabling and registration. Geoff will also be handling all additions/amendments to the catalogue. For more information, contact Geoff on ext 3781 (

Fag break

Staff struggling with their Millennium resolution to quit smoking are being offered help by the occupational health service. They can offer advice and help with keeping the motivation needed to give up. For more information or to make an appointment contact the service on ext 2997.

Moving story

The use of moving images in teaching and research will be discussed at a lunchtime workshop next month. "The technology for delivering moving images on a variety of platforms in higher education changes almost daily, yet many people are unsure how to produce those images in the first place," said media services’ Peter Coltman.

Light refreshments will be provided at the workshop, to be held at 1pm on March 15. For more information contact Peter Coltman on ext 2651 ( or click the following link More

Staff’s public hanging

Artistic staff have their annual chance to show the rest of the University their talent at Fairbairn House’s Brush with the University exhibition. The event is open to all staff, their families and those with a connection to the University. The exhibition will run from April 6 to May 26. For more information contact Colin Anderson on ext 6911 (

Recruits to Red Cross

The West Yorkshire Red Cross is appealing for volunteers to help its work in local communities. Volunteers provide emergency care at home, escort and transport frail and injured people and deliver first aid cover at public events. Training is free and all expenses are refunded. For more information contact recruitment and training manager Karen Coleman on 01274 851 961.

A foreign posting

Attachments to a university, industry, commercial or public sector organisation in any Commonwealth country are available to permanent University staff. Association of Commonwealth Universities titular developmental fellowships for 1999-2000 are open to people between the ages of 28 and 50 who are at ‘a crucial stage of development’ and have been identified as being ‘of the highest actual or potential quality.’ Two nominations can be made by each institution. For more information, contact Sheila Byers at the International Office on ext 4023 or see

Millennium portents

Leading Scottish composer James Macmillan is among a distinguished group of speakers contributing to a public lecture series organised by theology and religious studies. Mr Macmillan will reflect on the "signs of the times’ as evidence of the current rise of interest in contemporary religious music on February 29. The lecture begins at 6pm in lecture theatre 25 of the Rupert Beckett building.

Signs and portents: a lecture series for the turn of the Millennium features guest speakers including Bishop of Leeds David Konstant and Oxford University's Professor John Brooke. For more information contact Dr Hugh Pyper on (

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