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The Electronic Grosseteste

2 February 2000



The Department of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Leeds, is pleased to announce the launch of a new research project: The Electronic Grosseteste, a free internet resource. This website contains electronic texts and resources pertaining the life and works of Robert Grosseteste, a medieval English scholar (ca. 1170-1253). Grosseteste was one of the leading thinkers of his day, making substantial contributions to philosophy, science, and theology. He is reputed to have been the first chancellor of Oxford University, and was a bishop of Lincoln (1235-1253). For the last fifty years, scholars have been assessing the impact of his life and writings in medieval culture. This new web-site is a culmination of that work and will be a major resource for future research.

The web-site currently provides full access to Grosseteste’s philosophical, scientific and theological writings now in public domain, as well as his collection of letters. The site also has links to translations and other web resources of interest to the non-specialist. In the coming year, texts still under copyright will be mounted (with permission) to form a searchable database. The site will also provide bibliographic guides and resources for the study of the thirteenth century. By 2001, the site will include an electronic catalogue of Grosseteste’s writings (including lists of medieval manuscripts and modern critical editions).

‘This [web-site] is an outstanding example of the possibilities of electronic scholarship,’ says Dr Paul Vincent Spade, a professor of medieval philosophy at Indiana University (USA) and a leader in providing internet resources for Medieval Studies: ‘It is mandatory for everyone interested in Grosseteste.’ The Electronic Grosseteste will also be useful for scholars and students who work in the history of philosophy, the history of science, medieval theology, and Latin literature.

The project’s Director is Dr James Ginther, a Lecturer in Medieval Theology in the Department. It is overseen by an international advisory committee of four senior scholars: Professor Joseph Goering (University of Toronto), Professor R. James Long (Fairfield University); Professor James McEvoy (St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth); and, Professor F.A.C. Mantello (Catholic University of America). The completion of the first phase of the project was made possible by a small research grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Board.

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