Reporter 445, 24 January 2000

First visit to campus for Robert Ogden scholars

Youngsters from former coal- mining communities with their sights set on university visited the campus last month.

Scholarly support: University Vice-Chancellor Professor Alan Wilson (centre right) and Robert Ogden (centre left) with the visiting students

The Robert Ogden scholars (from the first intake of thirty) are the first to benefit from a 500,000 scholarship scheme set up by the University and Yorkshire businessman Robert Ogden. All 30 students are from under-privileged backgrounds in former coal-mining communities of South Yorkshire. Many of them would not be able to continue their studies without this financial help.

The December 8 visit, by 21 of the 30, is the first of many the Ogden scholars will make to the campus to help them become more familiar with the University. During the visit they saw a typical hall of residence, a student bedroom and enjoyed a guided tour of the campus.

"I have lived by recognising opportunities and taking them," said Mr Ogden, "and I want these youngsters to have an opportunity to take." Mr Ogden told the students he would be keeping a close watch on their progress and urged them to persevere with their studies through the coming years.

"These youngsters have all demonstrated the ambition to attend university," said University Vice-Chancellor Professor Alan Wilson. "As long as we feel they will be able to meet the demands of their chosen courses we very much hope to see them at Leeds in two years."

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