Reporter 445, 24 January 2000

In the news

A University-developed spy-in-the-sky satellite system to put the brake on speeding motorists made headlines across the country early in the new Millennium.
The Daily Telegraph splashed the research of Oliver Carsten, of the Institute for Transport Studies, on the front page and the resulting mélée saw both support and criticism appear in the Sun, Evening Standard, Morning Star, Yorkshire Evening Post and Yorkshire Post. Dr Carsten was interviewed on the BBC one o'clock news, BBC Radio Four and ITN news.

Reporter 444’s front page story detailing how turkeys could be calmed with toys was widely followed up in the pre-Christmas papers but baffled Paul Merton and friends.
The BBC’s Have I got news for you? asked the panels the difference between the University and Bernard Matthews while the Sunday Telegraph, Sunday People, Scotsman, Yorkshire Post and a raft of other local papers all included Professor Mike Forbes’ efforts to stop turkeys pecking each other. Professor Forbes was also interviewed on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme.

The pioneering £20m deal the University signed with Forward Group last month (announced in Reporter 444) was featured in the Financial Times, Guardian, Mail on Sunday and the Times Higher Educational Supplement.
The Times Higher said Leeds would be the "envy of the sector" for securing funding for its innovative academics wishing to take ideas to the marketplace.

Devotees of cult Yorkshire TV quiz Countdown will have seen University finalist Scott Mearns sweep all before him over the festive period - climaxing in him being crowned series champion and then champion of champions.
Scott, an economic history and social policy student in the Leeds University Business School began his record breaking run back in June, winning eight consecutive contests before taking his place in the seasonal showdown.
"I’ve been watching Countdown for the 17 years it's been going and that's basically the secret to my success," he said.

Transport studies researcher Chris Nash also made an appearance in the Christmas television schedules. Professor Nash judged a transport ‘race’ between Edinburgh and London organised by the BBC’s Dreamwheels series, using environmental and social time penalties drawn from his research into different modes of transport.

And finally, watch out for the press office’s own David Dodd on Yorkshire TV’s The Local. David gives his expert comment on issues of the day every Friday night at 10.30pm.

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