Reporter 445, 24 January 1999

New chairs

Simon Carding has been appointed to a Chair of Molecular Immunology in the Faculty of Biological Sciences with effect from December 1. Professor Carding was previously an assistant professor in the microbiology department at the University of Pennsylvania, USA.
His major research interests centre around the body's immune response, specifically the cellular and molecular components that eradicate microbial pathogens and switch the immune response off, and how these control mechanisms become disrupted.

Professor Simon Carding

Stuart Lane has been appointed to a Chair of Physical Geography in the School of Geography with effect from January 1. Professor Lane was previously a lecturer in the geography department at the University of Cambridge.
His major research interests include fluvial geomorphology, sediment transport and channel change, pollution mixing in rivers, computational fluid dynamics and GIS-based models of river channel processes.

Professor Stuart Lane

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