Reporter 443, 22 November 1999

Cross-campus research cash smashes £60m barrier

Leeds has cemented its position as a world-class research University by attracting record levels of funding across campus.

New research grants for 1998/1999 totalled nearly £67m, up a massive £10m on the previous year.

University researchers secured over £9m from UK industry and £14.5m from charities in the last financial year. Research councils contributed £27m.

The arts faculty has scooped nearly £1m in new awards - its £957,000 almost trebles research spending the previous year. Biological sciences and engineering also received significantly improved funding: £13.7m and £12.8m respectively. Medicine received the biggest single chunk of new money - a whopping £18.2m, from a faculty total of £21.8m.

On a departmental level, notable increased grants have been won by electronic and electrical engineering (£2.7m), civil engineering (£2.4m) and the business school (£1.7m). Chemistry and physics and astronomy both received £3.7m.

"This is excellent and well-deserved news for the University," said Pro-Vice-Chancellor for research Professor Chris Taylor.

"It reflects the skill and dedication of a huge number of people across different disciplines and demonstrates very effectively the strength and depth of Leeds' research power."

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