Reporter 443, 22 November 1999

New teaching strategy launched

Teaching staff across campus are to receive extra support and financial help through the University's new teaching and learning strategy. The plan aims to boost the teaching skills of staff, encourage wider use of open and distance learning and offer increased opportunities for continuing staff development.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor for teaching and learning Professor John Macklin has also announced University funds will be made available to staff seeking teaching accreditation through membership of the new Institute for Teaching and Learning.

"Our new strategy charts the way forward for the University to realise its aim of sustaining our international excellence in teaching and learning," said Professor Macklin. "Money available to us from HEFCE's teaching quality enhancement fund provides us with a unique opportunity to focus significant resources to further develop the quality of our learning provision."

The ILT offers staff the chance to gain formal professional recognition of the quality of their teaching. Membership is open to all those contributing to student learning, not just 'front-line' teaching staff.

For more details of the ILT and University support for membership see the enclosed leaflet. More

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