Reporter 440, 11 October 1999

Changes to the Teaching and Learning Support Unit (TLSU)

Staff, resources and activities of the Teaching and Learning Support Unit have been re-focussed to address three important priorities through the formation of three new teams as part of a new Learning and Teaching Support Network.

Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN) The LTSN will be an informal grouping of colleagues who are responsible for supporting and contributing to the development of learning and teaching. It is a new structure which will be developed during the 1999/2000 academic year.

LTSN will provide a forum through which staff in appropriate central services/offices/units can keep in touch with/inform others about developments which have relevance to the broadest interpretation of support for teaching and learning. The network structure will be open to the University community to help with the sharing of information between colleagues at ‘the centre’ and in departments. More information on the mechanisms for achieving this will follow shortly.

The LTSN will be co-ordinated by David Gardner in the new Flexible Learning Development Unit, Ext 4038, or email {hyperlink } Room 6.23, EC Stoner Building

Flexible Learning Development Unit

Director: Dr Andrew Booth
Ext 5310 or email
Room 6.16, EC Stoner Building

The FLDU brings together staff involved in the support of ODL with those involved in the development and delivery of on-line tools to support student learning, provided through the Nathan Bodington Building.

Skills & Employability Team

Principal Adviser, Higher Education and Employment: Val Butcher
Ext 5313 or email

The S&E Team will provide support for the development of high quality work-related skills in all students, for their own benefit and that of companies, public/community organisations and the economy.

Learner Support Office

Learner Support Officer: Maggie Boyle
Ext 4096 or email
Room G11, Baines Wing

The LSO will develop an awareness of the needs of students for a supportive learning environment and, working to the Dean for Students, will assist in providing central learner support activity in areas such as induction, study skills support, academic study support, and the development of Guidance (including Personal Tutoring) systems.

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