Reporter 439, 27 September 1999

Media service tops the polls

Leeds University Television has conducted a survey of staff to find out not only what they think of the unit but how much they know about it. The result? 112 pages of statistics, from which two clear messages emerge. 1) Many people are unaware of the range and variety of services on offer. 2) Many more don’t know that the service is subsidised for all University users.

The unit takes these findings seriously and an advertising campaign is in preparation. A new website is being designed and all heads of department will receive a promotional video and literature about Leeds University Television underlining the fact that all services on offer are a fraction of the commercial price and many are actually free.

Meanwhile, what of those who regularly use the service? They were pleasantly enthusiastic. When asked what they liked about the unit, 92% said variously that they felt it was ‘friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, professional, efficient’. 40% said there were no bad points at all! One respondent felt the unit was over-stretched and under-staffed and one felt that it should be fully funded by the University. The overall message is that the customers are satisfied; the underlying one is that there should be more of them.

Peter Coltman

Further information on survey is available by clicking here

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