Reporter 438, 26 July 1999

Senate news

An increase in car-parking charges of just over 4 per cent was approved. From October 1, an annual car-park permit for car drivers will cost £100. The price of daily parking will remain at £2.50, but will rise to £3 from 1 October 2000.

Senate was told the above charges will only recover the costs of providing the car-parking service; no profit will be made.

Degree classification procedures across the University are to be converged for BA and BSc programmes of study. The new classification scale will run from 2.0 to 9.0 and the classification thresholds will be 6.85 (first class), 5.90 (2:1), 4.95 (2:2) and 4.00 (third class).

A studentís average score will be calculated from module grades translated into the scale 2.0 to 9.0 by the insertion of a decimal point (except grades outside the range of 30-80). Weighting is given to each module to reflect its number of credits and certain modules are excluded (for example supernumerary electives).

Two average scores are then calculated; one giving module grades fom the studentís final and penultimate years the same weighting, and a second doubling the weighting applied to modules taken during a studentís final year. The higher of these averages is then taken as the studentís classification grade.

A new, punitive, grade of NSA (no serious attempt to pass) will be introduced to deter students from Ďplaying the systemí by neglecting modules which do not contribute to classification, or by taking advantage of the lowest end of the scale being a mark of 20.

A cabling system, allowing access to the Internet for students, is to be installed at Bodington Hall as a pilot scheme. A review of possible suppliers is scheduled for September, with installation anticipated next summer.

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