Reporter 438, 26 July 1999

Staff Promotions and progressions


Dr Paul Wignall, Earth Sciences, (Palaeoenvironments); Dr Thomas Hartquist, Physics and Astronomy, (Astrophysics); Dr James Henderson, Physics and Astronomy, (Liquid State Physics); Dr Mark Wardman, Transport Studies, (Transport Economics); Dr Nigel Hooper, Biochemistry, (Biochemistry); Patrick Wiegand, Education, (Geography Education); Jill Liddington, Continuing Education, (Gender History); Dr Anne King, Physiology, (Neuroscience); Dr Nicholas Lench, Molecular Medicine Unit, (Human Molecular Genetics); Dr J Michael Kendall, Earth Sciences, (Geophysics).


Dr Alistair Mason, Dr Philip Mellor, Dr Mark Nelson and Susan Taylor, Arts; Dr David Beech, Dr John Colyer, Dr Simon Harrison and Dr Edward White, Faculty of Biological Sciences; Dr D Ricardo Blaug, Stephen Clarke, Dr Elizabeth Foster, Dr Richard Kilminster, Dr John Leach, Dr Duncan McCargo, Dr Neil Melvin and Hugo Radice, Business, Law, Education and Social Sciences; Dr Paul Boyle, Dr Abigail Bristow, Dr Stephen Carver and Dr Tavi Murray, Earth and Environment; Dr Jenny Jones, Dr Mark Keane, Dr Timothy O’Farrell and Dr Heredotos Phylaktou, Engineering; Dr Oliver Harlen, Dr Christopher Kennedy, Jack Lamb and Dr Brent Murray, Mathematical and Physical Sciences; Dr Mandeep Duggal, Dr H Nancy Harding, Dr Mark Hull, Dr James Newell and Dr David Wood, Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology and Health.


Grade IA: Andrew Bailey and Christian Dunkerley, Transport Studies.

Grade II: Dr Luis Aguado-Bayon, Electronic and Electrical Engineering; Dr Stephen Appleyard, Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering; Dr Alison Ashcroft, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Oliver Duke-Williams, Geography; Dr William McCaffrey, Earth Sciences; Dr David Milne, Transport Studies; Dr Gordon Mitchell, Geography; Dr Timothy Nicholson, IRC in Polymer Science; Dr William Nimmo, Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering; Dr Mark Priestley, Sociology and Social Policy; Tom Sansom, Transport Studies; Fergus Tate, Transport Studies; Dr Christina Walters, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Gerard Whelan, Transport Studies; Dr Caroline Wilmot, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Dr Simon Wood, Dentistry.

Grade III: Brian Hardy, Nuffield Institute; David Yeomans, Education; Paul Clark, Electronic and Electrical Engineering.


Grade B: Dr Mark Batty, English; Dr Fiona Becket, English; Dr Michael Brown, Mechanical Engineering; Dr Katherine Daubney, Music; David Dixon, Textile Industries; Dr Darren Duxbury, Business School; Dr Paul Foulkes, Linguistics and Phonetics; Jason Heyes, Business School; Dr Angela Hulley, Physical Education; Matthew Kieran, Philosophy; Dr Jens Krause, Biology; Dr Daniel Lesnic, Applied Mathematics; Dr Niall Majury, Geography; Dr Douglas Parker, Environment Centre; Dr Elizabeth Pender, Classics; Dr Javaid Rehman, Law; Dr James Ryder, Education; Dr Richard Salmon, English; Barbara Summers, Business School; Chris Taylor, Fine Art; Nicholas Taylor, Law; Dr Andrew Thompson, History; Dr Dean Waters, Biology; Dr Luisa Zanchi, Business School.


ADMINISTRATIVE Grade 2: Patricia Burnett, Finance; Anne Kilvington, Part-Time Education; Beth Lewis, Departmental Support Unit; Gordon McDonald, Finance; Kirankumari Mistry, University Computing Service; Richard Sellers, Study Abroad Office.

Grade 3: Anthony Brown, Computer Studies; Jacqueline Brown, International and Schools Liaison Office; Julie Charlton, Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering; Sheelagh Cobb, Geography; John Dodds, Geography; Anne Hall, Transport Studies; Martin Hamilton, European Office; Gillian Healy, Student Office; Louise Jackson, Departmental Support Unit; Thomas Letcher, Departmental Support Unit; Melody Mellor, Secretariat; Dr Tessa Mobbs, Departmental Support Unit; Ceri Nursaw, City and Regional Office; Lynn Pattison, Careers Service; Deborah Schofield, Healthcare Studies; Margaret Smith, Electronic and Electrical Engineering; Lisa Summers, Student Office; Ruth Sweetland, Food Science; Elaine Taylor, Student Office; Margaret Taylor, Education; Anne Warrington, Finance; Heather Watson, Mechanical Engineering; Jacqueline Whiteley, Careers Service; Caroline Wise, Politics.

Grade 4: Deborah Ada, Finance; Dr Hazel Briggs, Transport Studies; Malcolm Brown, Estate Services; Timothy Challis, Continuing Education; Dr Stephanie Fisher, Continuing Education; Deborah Greenwood, Staff and Departmental Developmental Unit; Paul Jackson, Careers Service; Geoffrey Parkinson, Human Resources; Christina Robinson, Teaching and Quality Assurance Unit; Judith Russell, Disability Services; Clair Souter, Careers Service; Carol Stagg, City and Regional Office.

Grade 5: Sue Clarke, Estate Services; Elizabeth Grain, Geography; Timothy Hadwin, Geography; Beverly Kenny, Residential and Commercial Services; Katrine Little, Nuffield Institute; Brian Scott, Estates Services.

SENIOR LIBRARY Grade 2: Catherine Yeomans, Library.

COMPUTING Grade 2: Michael Beck, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Hamid Dar, University Computing Service; Patricia Dixon, Continuing Education.

Grade 3: Tafesse Cheffo, Nuffield Institute; Anne Davies, University Computing Service; David Daykin, Business School; Adrian Ellison, University Computing Service.

Grade 4: Paul Micklethwaite, Computer Studies; Dr Graham Blyth, Mechanical Engineering.

Grade 5: Donald Akrigg, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; David Borthwick, Earth Sciences.


Grade 2: Alison Bradbury, University Union; Judith Coates and Heather Thomson, Textile Industries; Dr Jonathan Vessey, Chemistry.

Grade 3: Robert Baker, Dentistry; Susan Belfield, Healthcare Studies; Rachel Black, Healthcare Studies; Jane Brooks, Healthcare Studies; Andrew Coulson, Media Services; Jackie Ferguson, Healthcare Studies; Lindsey Fraser, Continuing Education; Dr Joseph Gould, Biomedical Sciences; Ian Goulden, Healthcare Studies; Janet Higgins, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Dr Janet Humphreys, Environment Centre; Alison Ketchell, Healthcare Studies; Jane Lockwood, Dentistry; Terence McAndrew, Biomedical Services; Jean Maclean, Healthcare Studies; Peter Powell, Counselling Service; David Wright, Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering.

Grade 4: Carol Davison, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Marian Hinds, Healthcare Studies; Michael Thornton, Healthcare Studies.

Grade 5: Joseph Cortis, Healthcare Studies; Donald Dunmore, Language Centre; Rosemary Marsh, Language Centre; Angus Robertson, Dentistry; Dr George Sparkes, Chemistry; John Watts, Physics and Astronomy.


Grade 6: Diane Baldwin, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Christine Martin, Civil Engineering; Susan Paragreen, Politics; Angela Taylor, Human Resources; Alison Sowerby, Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering; Sue Carden, Registrar’s Office.

Grade 5: Susan Wright, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Sian Crook and Jean Lowe, Biomedical Sciences; Michelle Lesnianski and Wendy Worth, Chemistry; Jaswant Bhavra, Continuing Education; Sarah Warm, Education; Margaret Lewis, English; Annette McCunniff and Lynne Wilson, Finance; Jean Dunn, Healthcare Studies; Lisa Burke and Elyse Drake, Transport Studies; Natalie Hey, International, Development and European Studies; Margaret Perkin, Part-time Education; Jill Bullock, Public Relations; Robert Smith and Helen Stringer, Research Support Unit; Lorraine Seymour, Textile Industries.

Grade 4: Mani Tummala, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Nina O’Reilly, Biology; Paula Gilmore-Hardie, Biomedical Sciences; Rebecca Berry and Sally Mortimer, Civil Engineering; Janet Barton and Yvonne Jarrett, Continuing Education; Claire Noble, Dentistry; Donna Walker, Electronic and Electrical Engineering; Martin Tudge, Finance; Maureen Rosindale, Geography; Susan Fox and Nigel Holgate, Healthcare Studies; Helen Fletcher and Diane Fussey, Human Resources; Anna Kruk, Transport Studies; Caroline Duffy, Leeds Student Medical Practice; Nicola Findlay, Tracey Holmes and Sarah Newman, Medicine; Philipa Barker, Doug Buist and Susan Wheater, Music; Michelle Abbott, Rebecca Baker, Deborah Hale, Teresa Nicholson and Kathi Pullan, Nuffield Institute; Tess Hornsby Smith, Politics; Nicola Townson, Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering; Catherine Haley, Residential and Commercial Services; Ruth Lily, Spanish and Portuguese; Nicholas Allen, Dr Angela Long and Stuart Ross Sephton, Student Office; Diana Joyce and Rosemary Shapley, Library.

Grade 3: Lisa Greenwood, Biology; Catherine Ladd and Margaret Wolstenholme, Careers Service; Jeanette McCrory and Karen Nicholson, Continuing Education; Susan Johnson, Education; Dawn Germaine and Perminder Rehal, Estate Services; Sushila Mistry, Finance; Pauline Ada, Glenda Clark, Jennifer Healey, Deborah Longley, Catherine Mongan and Claire Walton, Healthcare Studies; Naomi French, International and Schools Liaison Office; Susan Clayton, Language Centre; Jennifer Goodison, Law; Elaine Hamilton, University Union; Catherine McAndrew and Catherine Thackrah, Medicine; Claire Burrough, Louise Larkins, Helen Mangan and Belinda Rowe, Residential and Commercial Services; Jean Mitchell, Textile Industries.


Level 5: Marcia Pusey, Computer Studies

All promotions and progressions are effective from August 1.

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