Reporter 438, 26 July 1999

Honorary doctors call in on campus

The achievements of four distinguished public figures from the worlds of science, politics, music and the media were recognised with honorary degrees on July 15.

Honorary degrees, Vice Chancellor professor Alan Wilson, John Cook, Pro-Chancellor Colonel Alan Roberts, (bottom row) Jeremy Paxman, Rt. Hon Jack Straw, Murray Prahia, and Sir John Walker

Three decades after graduating with a law degree from the University of Leeds, the Home Secretary, the Rt Hon Jack Straw, received the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from the University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alan Wilson.

He was joined by Leeds-born broadcaster and author Jeremy Paxman (Doctor of Laws), the internationally-acclaimed pianist (and former winner of the Leeds International Piano Competition) Murray Perahia (Doctor of Music) and Yorkshire-born Nobel prize-winner for Chemistry, Sir John Walker (Doctor of Science).

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