Reporter 438, 26 July 1999


Colourful camera

A web camera in colour chemistry now sends a view of the Clothworkers’ Court (updated every two seconds) across the Internet. Staff without a window can check out the weather on

Honour them

Suggestions for individuals to be awarded honorary degrees in 2000 are invited from University members. Nominees should be distinguished by excellence in their chosen field and have a prior connection with the University or the region, or whose distinction lies in a field with which the University is identified. Nominations should be sent in confidence to Roger Gair, Deputy Secretary, by August 12.

Changes in procedure..

Following the review of the University's procedure agreement with UNISON and MSF, revised copies are available for support staff. The main revisions are in the sections on discipline and grievance procedures.

Copies of the new procedure document have been distributed to heads of departments and are available from Christine Bannon in human resources on ext 4130.

...and passwords

A new password system is being introduced to access the library’s BIDS database (and other services using the ATHENS system) from September 1. The old password will be invalid after that date though existing individual accounts will not be affected.

The new password is available from (on-campus access only). For more information contact Jonathan Hooper in the library on ext 5545 or email

Women on the web

Female members of staff interested in joining the Athena project register of women in higher education can now download an application form from the Internet.

The register has been set up to promote the interests of women working in higher education. For more information see or contact Sue Harper on ext 6700.

Spot cash

Acne sufferers have the opportunity to be treated and paid for it if they volunteer for trials of commonly-prescribed treatments at the LGI.

Volunteers must be under 40 and will be paid up to £30 for the eighteen week trial. The treatments are free and advice on skin care will also be available. For more information contact Dr Eady on ext 5631 or 5633; email

Travellers' checks

Travel expenses are now to be paid to staff at the end of each month and will shortly be incorporated into monthly salary payments. Expense claims must be submitted by the 16th of each month and ID number and bank details must also be included on claims.

Expenses to students will continue to be paid by cheque through accounts payable, although the student number should be included on the form; expenses forms for visitors should be marked ‘visitor’ in place of the staff or student ID.

Expenses below £60 can still be claimed in cash and advances can be arranged. For more information see the Reporter website or contact John Lillywhite on ext 6060.

Click here for more information.

Public partnerships

Grants of up to £40,000 are available from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council to help researchers communicate their work to the public. Interactive exhibits, media partnerships and public lectures can all be supported by the ‘Partnerships for Public Understanding’ awards.

The closing date for proposals is September 1. For more information contact Geoffrey Moore on 01793 444 241; email" or see

True cost of a job

A new ‘estimated costs of employment’ section on Departmental Support Unit’s website includes the estimated costs of employing staff for three years. It includes allowances for increments and inflation and can be used to help to prepare budgets and research grant proposals. For more information see

Take a chair

Applications are invited from academic staff wishing to be considered for promotional chairs or readerships (with effect from August 2000). The closing date for applications is October 1. For more information contact Alison Little in human resources on ext 4039 or Shetwah Lee on ext 5773.

Beating the bug?

With less than six months to go until 2000 the computing service has set up a website to help PC users protect their machines. As part of the University’s preparations for the millennium, PCs are scheduled to have this protection installed this summer. For more information see the site at or contact Dr David Holdsworth on ext 5402.

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