Reporter 438, 26 July 1999

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No doubts about the University's biggest media stars this summer. For the second year running the ‘Leeds 13’ art students dominated the press coverage; their degree show of other artists’ work provoking a range of reactions. The Telegraph, Guardian, Times, Yorkshire Post and Times Higher all devoted serious column inches to the subject, and BBC TV one o'clock news, Calendar and BBC Look North featured the exhibition and interviews with the students. To visit their web site click here

BBC Radio Four's Today programme interviewed Dr Chris Thomas about his research suggesting species of birds are being driven north by global warming (featured in Reporter 437). Populations had shifted an average of 19km over two decades. It was also included in the Daily Mail.
"We can expect to see much larger changes in the next fifty years," warned Dr Thomas. His subsequent study finding similar changes in butterfly populations was also reported on Sky News.

The Sunday Times, BBC Look North and the Yorkshire Post all picked up on the pioneering research into photodynamic therapy led by Professor Stan Brown (Reporter 437). The Sunday Times reported the light sensitive method could be used to treat skin cancer patients in GPs’ surgeries within two years.

Children’s teeth have also been making headlines over the last month. The Times reported that the Leeds Dental Institute's Stella Kwan and Sonia Williams finding that children whose mothers smoke are twice as likely to need fillings.
The research of their colleagues Jack Toumba and Monty Duggal into the claims of ‘tooth-kind’ drinks manufacturers that their products are less harmful were reported in the Daily Mail and Yorkshire Evening Post.

Economics lecturer John Bowers’ claims that millions of pounds are being wasted on flood defences that ruin beaches were included in the Telegraph.
Mr Bowers’ report for the World Wide Fund for Nature says some of the £315m a year spent by the Environment Agency on concrete flood and coastal defences is ‘economically unjustifiable’.

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