Reporter 438, 26 July 1999

Draft Reporter Article re expenses

Payment of Travel Expenses-change to procedures


Travel expenses are currently paid through the Accounts Payable system. It is planned to make payment through the payroll in the near future as statutory requirements are becoming more stringent and specialist knowledge of tax is increasingly required to ensure a consistent approach compliant with legislation. In anticipation of this change, which will mean that payments are made to staff with their monthly salary, payment of expenses through Accounts Payable will now be at the end of each month. Expense claims received in Accounts Payable by the 16th of the month will normally be paid in the payments run on the last Wednesday of the month.

In addition, because of the way in which the system identifies and records types of payee, the employee ID number (the personnel number on the individualís payslip) must be quoted on the top of the claim form so that payments can be correctly allocated. The revised Travel and Expenses claim forms incorporate this but for those using the previous forms without this requested detail, the information should be entered on the top of each form.

Expenses must be paid by BACS and bank details must also be on the Travel and Expenses claim form submitted. Once expenses move to payroll, the existing payroll BACS record, the bank account into which salary is paid, will also be used for expense payments.


Expenses to students will continue to be paid through Accounts Payable. The student number must be entered on the top of the form so that the payee classification can be correctly assessed and duplication of data avoided. These will continue to be paid by cheque for the time being.


Expenses to visitors should be claimed on the Travel and Expenses Claim form but they should be annotated with the title "visitor", in place of the staff or student ID.

General points

Wherever possible arrangements for travel should be booked well in advance and invoiced to the University. This applies particularly to train and air travel and to hotel accommodation. For claims below £60, cash can be obtained from the Cash Office on Level 10 of the EC Stoner Building. Advances can be made through the normal process.

Any enquiries should be made to John Lillywhite in Finance, Tel 6060.