Reporter 437, 24 May 1999





30th April 1999

C M Taylor





The purpose of the Teaching and Learning Strategy is:

i) to facilitate the related aspects of the mission statement of the University, in particular:

ii) to provide a sound basis for future developments by positioning the University to meet the changing future requirements;

iii) to furnish Schools and Departments with a framework for the planning and development of teaching and learning into the new millennium.

The strategy has been developed following wide discussion on the Green Paper, "Teaching and Learning into the Millennium" circulated in June 1998 and on national and international developments. It is recognised that the resource implications have to be clearly addressed and balanced against other priorities including research developments.


International/National/Regional Factors

There have been a range of developments in recent years which form a backcloth to the proposed strategy:

i) advances in technology leading to:

ii) changes in national requirements leading to:

iii) increased emphasis on lifelong learning and widening access leading to:

iv) changing employment agenda leading to:

v) increased regionalisation leading to:

vi) introduction of student fees leading to:

vii) development of global institutions leading to:

Position of the University of Leeds


i) reputation for teaching in an atmosphere of research:

ii) wide range of disciplines:

iii) existing partnerships/collaborative links.

- affiliated institutions


- strategic alliance with Park Lane College

iv) support structure for teaching and learning.


i) difficulty in dissemination of good practice and implementation of new procedures between Schools and Faculties because of their autonomous nature leading to inconsistency in practice between Schools and Faculties

ii) quality of central management information and ageing student system

iii) overall profile in Quality Assurance Agency Subject Review

iv) slowness in responding strategically to national/international developments e.g. delay in articulation of position in relation to lifelong learning activities..

v) under-acknowledgement of University achievements and developments in teaching and learning





Aim 1: To enhance the importance of teaching and learning


u by introducing more strategic and targeted involvement in projects to enhance teaching and learning.

u by ensuring that the University is best positioned to meet the requirements of Quality Assurance Agency Codes of Practice.

u by continuing and developing the strategies already adopted for promoting and enhancing teaching as a career route in the University i.e. through the promotion criteria and the appropriate acknowledgement of teaching in workload allocations,

Aim 2: To provide increased support for teaching and learning


u by revising the roles of the central administrative offices involved in teaching and learning to provide:

u by developing the new student system to provide:

u by improving teaching space through a rolling programme for refurbishment and a revised structure to manage and support central University teaching space. This will include utilisation of latest technology for delivery of teaching and training in its use.


Aim 3: To maintain the high quality of taught courses



u by developing and expanding the Nathan Bodington Building and the Virtual Science Park to provide the integrated delivery of teaching material including:

u by utilising Internet and Intranet technology to provide a platform and software solutions to contribute to cost effective teaching and learning, recognising that in the short term there are investment implications.

u by monitoring and taking advantage of ongoing developments in electronic document delivery, on demand publishing and digitalisation (through liaison with the development of the University C & IT strategy) to enhance student learning.

u by reviewing current assessment practice to reduce the assessment overload and, to ensure maximum flexibility to ensure learning objectives are being met.

u by continuing to develop the procedures for the quality management of teaching and learning including:



Aim 4: To enhance the student focus of teaching and learning


u by developing a student satisfaction survey which will inform future strategic developments at University, School and Service levels.

u by developing "user-friendly" progress files to allow both students and staff to engage actively in the reviewing of student development.

u by increasing the opportunities for effective work placements, work experience and study abroad in programmes of study.

u by incorporating more explicitly the development and assessment of core and transferable skills in new and revised modules and programmes.

u by adopting and fully incorporating the Leeds Graduate template in the development of new programmes of study.

Aim 5: To promote lifelong learning


u by ensuring the University Strategic Plan for Lifelong Learning is promoted and developed under the Steering Group.

u by fostering research strengths through the Institute for Lifelong Learning

u by increasing flexibility to allow Schools and Departments to take advantage of relevant opportunities through the use of CATS and APEL schemes. This will involve a review of the University's Curricular Ordinances and Regulations.

u by developing the accreditation of short courses.


Aim 6: To provide greater opportunities for under-represented groups to

participate in Higher Education



u by targeting, in the first instance, activities and support in those Schools where it is most encouraged and appropriate.

u by disseminating and promoting good practice as identified in the Widening Provision project.


Aim 7: To increase teaching and learning collaborative links


u by promoting the regional strategy for teaching and learning through:

u by increasing the involvement of employers and professional bodies in the review and development of programmes of study.

u by developing and building on existing collaborative links with Affiliated Institutions and Recognised Educational Providers.

u by developing the strategic role of the Deans for Teaching and Learning.



Following endorsement of the general aims and strategies above an action plan will be developed for the implementation of the strategy. This plan will include proposals for the timescale of the implementation, including consideration of the resource implications which would be involved. Responsibilities for action will also be identified.