Reporter 437, 24 May 1999

Senate News

A new strategy for teaching and learning has been introduced following widespread consultation. Its main aims are to enhance the importance of and increase support for teaching and learning, enhance its student focus, maintain the high quality of taught courses, increase collaborative links, promote lifelong learning and provide greater opportunities for under-represented groups in higher education. An action plan is being developed to implement the strategy. For more information see the full paper (S/98/37) on the Reporter website.

The introduction of transparent costing for university research, teaching and other outputs will be a significant project for Leeds, involving a major cultural change and short-term increases in workload for many staff.

As a condition for increasing funding for HE research infrastructure, the Government announced that all research had to be fully costed; all research grants from the academic year 2000-2001 onwards will now be subject to full costing.

Subsequently, it has emerged that teaching and other activities will also be subject to ‘transparent costing’, although the level of detail required is not yet known.

The research councils have launched a review to establish an affordable and consistent accounting method. Seven universities (UCL, Cardiff, Strathclyde, Surrey, Bristol, Warwick and Birmingham) will be piloting methodological trials in 1999/2000.

Council is to be asked to approve the release of £4.4m, spread over four years, to develop a new IT system for student management.

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