Reporter 437, 24 May 1999

New Chairs

The first female professor in the faculties of Biological Sciences, Earth and Environment, Engineering and Mathematics and Physical Sciences, since the departure of plant biochemist Diana Bowles in 1993, has been created in the recent 1999 promotions exercise.

Dr Deborah Withington in the Department of Physiology has been awarded a Professorial Fellowship in Auditory Neuroscience.

The other promotional chair appointments are: Dr Kenneth MacLennan as Professor of Human Tumour Pathology in the Department of Histopathology; Dr Alan Bullock as Professor of Italian Literature in the Department of Italian; Dr David Fairer as Professor of Eighteenth-Century English Literature in the School of English; Dr John Griffiths as Professor of Functional Dye Chemistry in the Department of Colour Chemistry; Dr Stephen Harrison as Professor of Health Policy and Politics in the Nuffield Institute for Health; Dr Roger Butlin as Professor of Evolutionary Biology in the School of Biology; Dr Richard Bushby as Professor of Physical Organic Chemistry in the School of Chemistry; Dr Martin Berzins as Professor of Scientific Computation in the School of Computer Studies and Dr Kevin Theakston as Professor of British Government in the Department of Politics.

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