Reporter 437, 24 May 1999

New nursery no child’s play

The University is considering various options to provide better childcare provision for the children of staff and students.

The present facilities (the Fourman Nursery and the Children’s Centre) are in need of refurbishment and repair and it was agreed last year that a possible combination of the two would be considered by the University and the Student Union.

A new building would cost around £500,000, so other possibilities are also being discussed. These include refurbishing the current buildings, leasing the required space and entering into a joint venture with a commercial child-care service provider. Various permutations of these options are also being considered.

The priorities for the University are concern for University staff - both nursery workers and parents - and the continued provision of childcare service for students and staff.

A working group chaired by Pro-Vice-Chancellor David Sugden is investigating the issue and will recommend a course of action.

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