Reporter 434, 29 March 1999

Senate news

A new steering group has been set up to prepare a full business plan for a possible merger with Bretton Hall College.

The proposal was agreed by Senate following debate of a progress report on integration. Two steering groups on academic issues and infrastructure, and financial and organisational issues, are to combine in the new group.

The decision on the merger itself will be taken on the basis of a full and critical appraisal of all relevant policy, academic and financial factors, Senate was told. A timetable for decision-making will be brought to the next meeting of Senate.

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) is contributing £100,000 towards the production of a business plan and the development of a model incorporating issues including research assessment.

The members of the new steering group are Professor David Sugden, Dr Jonathan Adams and Berenice Smith of the University and Professor Ron George and Daniel Stone of Bretton Hall.

The policy of marking examination scripts anonymously was given approval. Anonymous marking will be introduced in the next academic year (session 1999-2000), on the understanding that further discussions will take place about its implementation, and relevant guidance will be issued to departments.

Proposals to modify the scale used to classify undergraduate degrees were approved.

It was suggested that the classification scale should run from 2.0 (the lowest grade for a serious effort) to 9.0 (the highest achieveable grade). Actual marks will be included in degree transcripts.

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