Reporter 433, 15 March 1999

Now is the winner of our big-contest made glorious summer by this Sino-Yorkshire visit

Sir Ian McKellen visited the University on February 26 to talk to students in the School of English. Sir Ian's Richard III is included in the school's 'Shakespeare on film' course module and 35 students quizzed him about his portrayal of Richard, and the tricky process of adapting texts to cinematic formats.

Sir Ian said he had very much enjoyed his time at Leeds' West Yorkshire Playhouse. "The students were delighted to be able to question Sir Ian," said Professor Martin Butler, who runs the course.

"They were particularly interested in his view that Richard's monstrous behaviour was driven by an inner conviction that he could never be loved."

Chinese Ambassador to the UK Mr Ma Zhengang visited the University on March 3 to present prizes to the winners of the East Asian Studies photographic competition Eastern Eye.

During his day in Leeds, Mr Zhengang also attended a lunch hosted by the Vice-Chancellor in University House and gave a talk followed by a question and answer session on Sino-UK relations in the Rupert Beckett lecture theatre.

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