Reporter 433, 15 March 1999


Candid camera clues consider congestion

Robert Sladdin
Director of Estates

As Roger Boyle has already guessed (Reporter 432, Lecturers waiting for the green light), the fire alarm evacuation times for the Roger Stevens Building are well within safe limits.

However, there is congestion on the level 10 link bridge between the Roger Stevens and Maths Spine Buildings. A study of this area is being carried out by a postgraduate student in the Institute for Transport Studies by means of CCTV, and once the results have been analysed and reported, Estate Services will use these to help to determine the options for improvement.

Helping themselves - but to our dinner?

Dorne Greensmith
International, Development and European Studies

I have nothing against the homeless, and I think that The Big Issue was a great idea to help the homeless help themself.

In fact, I buy my copy regularly from the young man who sells his copies outside the Arts Block on campus - I've always found him very polite.

Recently, myself and three colleagues have been frequenting the refectory after work to enjoy a quiet chat and a meal together before we leave to tackle the evening traffic and go off to singing practice together.

Last week, there were two young men in the refectory helping themselves to leftovers which had been put in the self-clear trolley. They were also pestering students for cigarettes and then one of them approached our table just as my colleague was finishing her meal and said "Yer gonna eat that love?" before she had even swallowed her last mouthful.

None of us were without feelings for these two young people, it must be hard for them, but surely I wasn't the only one who felt that they shouldn't have been allowed to carry on like that, it really put us off our food and we felt that the catering staff should have asked them to leave. They really were pestering folks.

Straw poll set to roll and roll

Peter Coltman
Media Services

In responding to the union's objection to the honorary degree for Jack Straw, the University is quoted in the Times Higher Education Supplement as saying that the award is a reflection of Mr Straw's personal achievement and not an endorsement of his political stance.

I look forward to hearing what Jack Straw has achieved outside the political arena: I can't think of anything.

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