Reporter 431, 15 February 1999

Conference considers cust in crime and care for community

The success of initiatives to reduce crime and improve community relations in the Burley/ Hyde Park area will be discussed at a public seminar tomorrow (February 16).

Burglaries have been significantly reduced in the area over the last three years after a targeted scheme to improve security at victims' homes.

Other strategies have included the use of video cameras to reduce racial harassment, which has led to improved reporting rates of incidents.

Facilities and opportunities for the young people of the community have also been improved. Many of these projects to improve the local area have involved students - helping to build bridges between them and local communities. These include providing better lighting and clearing away rubbish.

Penny Hatton, of the National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders, has been studying the area for three years, and will present the seminar at 5.30pm.

The discussion is part of a public seminar programme organised by the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies. For more information contact Adam Crawford on ext 5045.

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