Reporter 431, 15 February 1999

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Book of the century

A new history of the University is planned to celebrate its centenary in 2004. Members of staff with any thoughts or suggestions are invited to write to either the Vice-Chancellor, the Registrar or Paul Sharp in the School of Education - who has been approached to act as editor or co-editor.

They are seeking to commission authors for chapters in the new volume.

Socially supportive

The Leeds AUT lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender group is holding its next meeting on February 25.

The group provides a social and support network, and an informal meeting place to discuss needs and interests. The meeting, in Blayd's Bar on Lower Briggate at 8pm, will be followed by a meeting of a wider group including staff from other unions and institutions.

For more information email or see

Try a bit 'a' pitta

A new food outlet in the Student Union sells pitta bread with vegetarian and vegan fillings. "Pitta patta" is currently open on Thursday luchtimes in the Harvey Milk Bar. At the end of April it will relocate to the Old Bar and stay open all week.

Commonwealth names

Attachments to a university, industry, commercial or public sector organisation in any Commonwealth country are available to permanent University staff.

The Association of Commonwealth Universities fellowships for 1999-2000 are open to staff between the ages of 28 and 50.

Two nominations can be made by each institution. Members of staff from other organisations within the Commonwealth can be nominated to come to the University.

Staff interested in being nominated for the awards should contact the Vice-Chancellor's office by April 16.

For more information see the ACU website at

Love their lectures?

University staff are invited to nominate colleagues for a British Association award lecture, for their outstanding skills in communicating science, engineering and technology to a non-specialist audience.

2,000 lectures will be given at a month-long festival called 'Creating Sparks' in September 2000.

For more information contact Meenal Gupta on 0171 973 3070 or email The closing date is March 31.

Harassment help

Independent and confidential advice from staff across the University community is available for staff and students who feel they have been harassed or discriminated against.

The network of voluntary advisers are independent of the University administration and will not report to departmental heads or human resources.

Contacting an adviser and discussing problems with them does not commit anyone to further action. The advisers are Denise Aston ext 3534, Ann Blair ext 5047, Ruth Denton ext 5366, Sarah Edmunds ext 5708, Judith Hardy ext 4151, Margaret Herbert ext 3466, Clive Hudson ext 2783, Linda Jenkinson 2854, Sigrun Trotter ext 2322 and John Simacek on 234 7283 ext 206.

* More...

Trust in them

Funding for researchers who have never held a full-time academic post in a UK university is available from the Leverhulme Trust.

Up to 20 awards will be made this year, normally to those under the age of 35. The scholarships are for two years and are made on the basis of the host institution providing matching funds.

The closing date for application details is March 8. For more information see the Trust's website at

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