Reporter 431, 15 February 1999

In the news

Fortnight of cars, cash and crashes ends with poetic justice

Spanish finalist Donal Knox shot to fame after a cash machine gave him £35,350. Donal's lucky day was recorded in the Sun, Daily Mirror, Times, Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post.

He was subsequently interviewed on BBC Look North, Calendar and is due to appear on the National Lottery programme. However, despite his brush with fame Donal was more concerned with finishing his dissertation on time.

Research to develop the 'intelligent' car, featured in Reporter 430, was highlighted in the Express and the Yorkshire Evening Post. The research, by Dr Andrew Plummer and Dr Warren Manning, is developing a driver assistance system which the articles suggest could allow people to fall asleep behind the wheel in complete safety. They were also interviewed on BBC Radio Gloucester and Manchester's GMR.

A University surgeon who gave life-saving first aid at a roadside accident was featured in the Yorkshire Evening Post. Joe McGoldrick, surgeon and senior clinical lecturer in the Division of Surgery, stopped to help a man who had been knocked off his motorbike.

He hailed a passing ambulance, phoned the man's injuries through to the Leeds General Infirmary and organised passers-by to help with first aid. Mr Cross, the man helped by Dr McGoldrick, said, "If it hadn't been for him I would have died."

The Guardian and the Yorkshire Post included Jim Thornton's suggestion that cervical smears, breast cancer tests and ante-natal screening should be paid for privately.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology lecturer Mr Thornton made his controversial claims in a report published on February 4 by the Institute of Economic Affairs.

Richard Loukata, senior clinical lecturer and surgeon in Dentistry, was featured in the Yorkshire Evening Post for his work to rebuild a woman's shattered face. Mr Loukata carried out the pioneering procedure, using a new bone cement which replaces the need for painful bone grafts.

Mr Loukata said "I'm delighted. We didn't know if the new material would work but the operation appears to have been a success."

English Professor John Barnard commented to the Yorkshire Evening Post on Tony Harrison's scathing poem about the Poet Laureate tradition. Harrison wrote the piece after being featured in a shortlist of possible replacements as Poet Laureate. Professor Barnard said "The poem shows he can certainly write. It's a funny and vigorous satire."

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