Reporter 430, 1 February 1999

New chairs

Richard Williams has been appointed to a Chair of Mineral Process Engineering in the Department of Mining and Mineral Engineering. He is also to be Director of the new Centre for Particle and Colloid Engineering.

Professor Williams was previously Professor of Mineral Engineering at the University of Exeter, Camborne School of Mines. His major research interests include powder processing, interfacial phenomena, aggregation modelling, emulsion processing and process instrumentation.

Neil Meredith has been appointed to a Chair of Biomaterials in Relation to Restorative Dentistry in the Leeds Dental Institute. He was previously a senior lecturer in the Division of Restorative Dentistry at the University of Bristol. Professor Meredith's recent research has focused on biomechanics relating to implants, the quantitative measurement of their stability and the quality of the implant-tissue interface.

John Altringham has been appointed to a Chair of Biomechanics in the School of Biology. He was previously a reader in Comparative Physiology in the School of Biology. His major areas of research include the behaviour and ecology of bats, animal locomotion and their use of muscles in swimming, flying and running.

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