Reporter 429, 18 January 1999

MAIS? Oui, c'est formidable!

Staff from departments are trying out the new management and administration information system (MAIS) system for the first time today as the latest phase of testing begins.

Over the next fortnight, selected staff will be carrying out sales and purchasing transactions using the new system. Next month, a 'mini university' of clerical staff will trial a range of functions in the personnel and finance areas.

Campus tests follow last month's successful stress trials, when 50 volunteers keyed in some 20,000 transactions - around 30 months' worth - in one day. MAIS was also subjected to disaster scenarios, including a total power cut, in order to assess recovery procedures.

Programme director Peter Bollands said: "We are very grateful for all the staff's help and very happy with the stress trial results."

The system is expected to be introduced centrally in April and subsequently phased in across campus.

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