Reporter 429, 18 January 1999

Degree day details

Two of the first graduates of a new City and Guilds scheme had little trouble getting the time off to attend their award ceremony - their bosses were there too.

Sharon Beckram and Sue Carden work in the offices of the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar respectively and were awarded their Graduateship awards on December 14, alongside seven others. The scheme for clerical and secretarial staff is the first of its kind in the country, and was jointly developed by the School of Continuing Education and SDDU.

The University is planning three further similar City and Guilds courses and interested staff are invited to attend a meeting on Wednesday (January 20) at 2pm in Fairbairn House. For more information contact Debbie Greenwood on 4148 or email

The first PhD graduate of the noon ceremony on December 14 couldn't relax once the precious certificate was in her hand as she still had her duties as Head of Sociology and Social Policy to perform.

Lorraine Harding was presented with her degree and then did the same for students from her department as Dr Harding.

Her PhD was awarded for published work carried out at the University dating back to 1982 in the areas of child care policy and family policy.

And finally the Reporter's own David Adam called into the office after collecting his PhD on December 15. Dr Adam spent four years at Leeds studying water pollution and is now the University's publicity officer.

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