Reporter 429, 18 January 1999


Four-wheeled frolics

Dr David Cooper
Department of Music

As the owner of a four-wheel drive vehicle, I would like to congratulate the University on the construction of an off-road course in the Purple Zone car park.

Every day is now a delight negotiating tree stumps, muddy ruts and bricks lying on the ground, and vehicles parked in interesting and unusual positions (not for us hardy types the conformity or tedium of individually-marked parking bays).

Staff who are forced to use the tarred surface of other University car parks must be green with envy that they are paying the same fee as purple zone users, but without the daily suspension-testing excitement.

Forfar five East Fife four

Professor Philip Taylor
Institute of Communications Studies

In the University's bid to HEFCE for additional student numbers, I trust it will take note of the demand for an innovative new multidisciplinary combined joint honours degree scheme in In-House Journalism and Mathematics.

The recent issue of the Reporter clearly exposed the urgent need for such a programme in its reporting of our QAA revisit scores.

It may seem churlish to ask how 'four 3s and two 2s' can add up to 22 and thus an 'excellent' rating.

For the record, the ICS did secure 22 this year, consisting in fact of four 4s and two 3s. But it is not without its irony that if we had secured 'four 3s and two 2s' last year, there would have been no need for a revisit. Again, for the record, in fact we scored 20 last time round.

But what a difference 2 - or 4 or 6 - points can make in this league table-obsessed world of ours!

Success in a shoebox

Hazel Exley
Foundation Office

Re: Yorkshire Post Shoebox Appeal - Romania's forgotten children

I would like to send my sincere thanks to members of staff and students for their generosity and extend a special thank you to the Soroptimist International of Harrogate and the 21st Northvale Beavers, Gipton, who also contributed to this appeal, enabling us to collect 126 shoeboxes and raise £96 for the charity, Children in Distress.

The end of teaching as we know it?

Gordon Teal
School of Healthcare Studies

I note with interest the calender with dates highlighted for when teaching starts and ends. I and my colleagues only wish that this were so. In the School of Health Care Studies teaching stops only when the University is closed. This may be an interesting addendum for when the calender is next produced. Baines Wing will not be underutilised!

What week is it?

Chris Trayner
Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Thank you for the one-page card calendar which arrived with the Reporter a few issues ago. Could I make a suggestion for a slight change for future years? It would be very helpful to have the teaching week number (from 1 to 30) printed at the head of each teaching week's column.

Will do - Editor

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