Reporter 428, 30 November 1998

Campus creatures great and small

"The University is more popular with the children than the Teletubbies," said secondary school teacher Liz Dawson, commenting on the latest craze to sweep the fashion-crazy pupils of Nab Wood Grammar School in Bingley.

The rush for the University-branded frogs, lions, rabbits, pigs and elephants began when Margo Hanson of the City and Regional Office visited the school as part of the 'Going On' project which seeks to widen access to higher education for pupils from families with no tradition of going to University.

"I haven't seen anything like it," said Mrs Dawson. "Staff and students all wanted to get involved with the University links so they could have one of the creatures."

The 60 Nab Wood pupils involved in the project receive regular support from the University; they visit the campus, experience mock interviews and receive advice on completing university application forms. Going On is funded by Bradford Training and Enterprise Council.

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