Reporter 427, 16 November 1998

Put that light out!

The campus-wide ban on smoking comes into effect next Monday (November 23), following the creation of designated smoking areas.

Smoking in all University buildings, and entrances to buildings, will be prohibited, except for a staff and student smoking area in the Roger Stevens coffee bar and staff-only smoking rooms above the maths coffee bar and in Uniserv.

Smoking will still be permitted in single-occupancy offices, at the discretion of the head of department, but this will be reviewed in twelve months’ time.

The policy on smoking is based on the general principle laid down by Senate that staff, students and visitors to the University should not have to inhale tobacco smoke during the course of their normal business. Following articles in the Reporter and Leeds Student, staff and students were asked to contribute views as part of a campus-wide consultation process. The issue of smoking was also raised at meetings with the campus trade unions and with the Students Union Executive.

Smoking in the Students Union is unchanged by the new policy, with smoking still permitted in the Union foyer and in licensed areas during opening times.

The smoking lounge above the maths coffee bar will be kept locked and can only be accessed by a key pad. The code for the door can be obtained from Estate Services by emailing

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