Reporter 427, 16 November 1998

Fighting for children’s rights

Paediatricians are being trained to fight for the rights of British children as part of the University’s Master’s degree in Child Health – the first course in the country to offer training in advocacy.

Eight paediatricians have successfully completed the course, which has two aims – to carry out an in-depth study of the issues British children face, and to provide the students with the skills needed to bring about change. The students are being taught how to write press releases, conduct effective television interviews and to deal with the Parliamentary system.

Student Dr Margaret Garner has already been using her skills to generate interest in her ideas to help parents cope with their teenage children more effectively, and is now seeking funding to implement her programme. As a group, the students have also compiled a ‘new year’s resolution list’ of ten important issues in child health which demand advocacy and are calling on the Royal College of Paediatricians to respond.

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