Reporter 427, 16 November 1998

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Handling the media

Advice on promoting your work – as well as on dealing with troublesome journalists (Reporter staff honourably excepted) – is available to University staff on a series of courses on dealing with the media.

The first course, Introduction to the Media, takes place on January 26, participation in which is necessary for other courses on being interviewed by a radio or newspaper journalist, writing press releases, and being interviewed on TV. For more information contact Beryl Stoker on ext 4012 or email

Values of education

The Bishop of Ripon, and chair of the Church of England’s General Synod Board of Education, the Rt Revd David Young, will be leading a discussion on Values in Higher Education in the Emmanuel Institute on December 3. For more information contact University Chaplain Simon Robinson on ext 5070.

Eyes to the skies

Sue Bowler of the School of Earth Sciences is hoping for clear skies tomorrow night (November 17).

Dr Bowler, editor of Astronomy & Geophysics, the journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, says there is a very good chance of a spectacular meteor shower, the Leonids.

Earth will intersect the path of comet Tempel-Tuttle and the amount of expected debris peaks at around 8pm tomorrow.

“If it is clear, you may see lots of meteors in the ten hours around this time,” she said. “This is expected to be one of the better Leonids storms for some – so we can probably anticipate cloudy weather.”

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Your art on show

Exhibits for Brush with the University, an annual exhibition of art, are being invited from members of University staff and their relatives. The exhibition features pieces of art including paintings, sculpture, needlework and jewellery and will be held at Fairbairn House, 71-75 Clarendon Road, from December 4 to 18 and and is open during office hours. Anyone interested in contributing to the exhibition should contact Maureen Timms for further details on ext 6912.

Exchange ideas

Opportunities for studying abroad in North America and Europe are being promoted by the study abroad office with a fair in the Parkinson Court.

The University currently has 19 exchange schemes in North America and over a hundred in Europe. Many departments also have individual links with European universities. The fair will be held on December 2 (1-4pm).

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Communication skills

Advice on the art and science of a model for communication skills, neurolinguistic programming, is offered in a new book available for University staff at a reduced price.

Enriching our World – NLP for Educators is the latest in CCDU Training and Consultancy’s Getting it Right range and offers information about how communication at all levels with students and colleagues can be improved. For more information contact Gail Wormald on ext 4920.

The University Christmas card, featuring a colour plate illustrating Victorian Christmas sweets taken from the 1893 edition of Mrs Beeton’s Family Cookery and Housekeeping, is now available. The cards, priced 40p, can be bought from the Alumni Office or the Parkinson Reception. For further information contact Helen Thomas on ext 6109

An exhibition of paintings and drawings by local artist Alan Radcliffe is currently on show at Fairbairn House. His pictures include West Yorkshire views such as the University’s Parkinson Building, right, and figure studies. The exhibition runs until November 27.

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