Reporter 426, 2 November 1998

Virtual Science Park opens

The University’s pioneering Virtual Science Park (VSP) has been released onto the VSP public server [].

The VSP provides an on-line, web-based environment through which tenants have access to a range of specialist information and communication services.

It is delivered using a ‘physical metaphor’ interface consisting of suites of rooms, including reception rooms, offices and knowledge resource rooms, all of which are customised to suit the needs of tenants.

Nearly 20 tenants had taken up residency in the VSP at its launch, including the University and Business Link Leeds. A number of others are about to join them, including the BBC Teaching & Learning Support, the Institute of Financial Services and Credit Management and the University Library.

A number of new functions have recently been added to the VSP, including ‘what’s new’ and a discussion board.

Enhancements to the reading room are being planned in a move towards the development of knowledge resource rooms.

For more information, contact Professor Christine Leigh at the Centre for Virtual Working Systems, ext (0113 233) 3336 or email:

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