Reporter 425, 19 October 1998

Staff promotions and progressions

The following clerical and related staff were promoted on 1 August 1998.

Grade 6: Ms M Moreland, Continuing Education; Ms M R Shaw, Continuing Education; Mrs L Trickett, Fine Art; Mr G Cowlam, Finance; Ms B Marczycha, Finance; Mrs C Tunney, Geography; Mrs B A Ibbetson, Healthcare Studies; Mrs B Radford, Physics and Astronomy; Mr S Broome, Residential and Commercial Services.

Grade 5: Mrs R A Wilkinson, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Mrs N Wolley, Business School; Ms M Peers, External Affairs; Ms C A Coulson, Joint Honours in Science; Mrs A McKeating, Medicine; Ms C A Dixon, Student Counselling Service; Ms E Barrow, Student Office; Mr G Rees, Student Office.

Grade 4: Ms D Aston, Arts and Social Sciences; Mrs L Laverton, Academic Development; Mr R Smith, Academic Development; Ms P Hill, Administrative Computing Service; Ms C Maguire, Biology; Ms M Dickson, Business School; Ms J Hardy, Business School; Ms E Lynn, Business School; Ms J Philpott, Earth Sciences; Mrs N Smith, Earth Sciences; Mrs P R Hopkins, Leeds Environment Service; Miss S Churcher, Estate Services; Mr S Mauborgne, Estate Services; Mrs D Maxwell, Estate Services; Miss J M Morrison, Estate Services; Mrs S J Wilson, Estate Services; Ms D C Allinson, Finance; Ms C J Macdonald, Mrs C A McKinna, Geography; Mrs J Dunn, Healthcare Studies; Ms S Crook, Human Biology; Mrs J Poole, Joint Honours in Science; Mrs R A Taylor, Law; Mrs Z Akhtar, Mathematics; Mrs C Dew, Medicine; Mrs S Jones, Medicine; Mrs S E Hinchliffe, Nuffield Institute for Health; Mrs S Williams, Nuffield Institute for Health; Ms P Zermansky, Occupational Health Service; Ms J S Brooke, Physics and Astronomy; Mrs R Raistrick, Physics and Astronomy; Ms F M Cummings, Physiology; Mrs L M Wilkinson, Physical Education Service; Mrs A Smalley, Radiation Protection and Safety Service; Dr J Clarkson, Student Office; Ms L Dils, Student Office; Ms T Furness, Student Office; Ms G Mackrell, Student Office; Ms D Greensmith, International, Development and European Studies; Mrs J Smith, Theology and Religious Studies; Miss D Leek, Theology and Religious Studies; Mrs J Killington, Theology and Religious Studies.

Grade 3: Ms S L Williams, Business School; Ms S Graves, English; Ms K Jutlla, Chemical Engineering; Mrs G Cooper, Electronic and Electrical Engineering; Ms E Foster, External Affairs; Ms G Milburn, Fine Art; Ms N Audsley, Finance; Ms S Broome, Finance; Ms J Laws, Finance; Mr C G Oldfield, Finance; Mr P Simpson, Finance; Miss M Bryne, Geography; Mr T B Gilroy, Healthcare Studies; Mrs D H Johnson, Healthcare Studies; Mrs M A Swift, Healthcare Studies; Ms D Fielden, Language Centre; Miss J Parmar, Law; Ms M Quirke, Mathematics; Miss H E Crombie, Medicine; Miss H J Cusack, Medicine; Mrs K M Dyson, Medicine; Miss A M Knaggs, Medicine; Mrs S Lloyd, Medicine; Mrs J Metcalfe, Medicine; Mrs W L Parker, Medicine; Miss J Prajapati, Medicine; Ms D Paton, Nuffield Institute for Health; Ms J A Gardiner, Residential and Commercial Services; Mrs A Thompson, Student Counselling Service; Ms P Frisby, Student Office; Ms L J Tams, International, Development, and European Studies; Ms S G Ryley, Leeds University Union.

Technical Officer Grade 1: Mr G Richards, Estate Services.

Senior appointment: Mr Peter Noble has been appointed to the post of General Manager, Medicine, with effect from December 17.

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