Reporter 425, 19 October 1998

Commemorating eighty years in two days

The 80th anniversary of the end of the First World War will be commemorated by a conference organised by the University with the Royal British Legion and the City of Leeds.

The two-day event at the Queen’s Hotel on November 10/11 will reflect upon the Armistice, and its immediate and long-term impact on the nations involved. Speakers include Imanuel Geiss from the University of Bremen, Frank Vandiver from the United States, and Hugh Cecil and Peter Liddle of the University. A new book on the contemporary reaction to the Armistice is also being launched at the conference. At the Eleventh Hour: Reflections, Hopes and Anxieties at the closing of the Great War, 1918 includes previously unpublished documents and photographs and is edited by members of the University.

The event will also be marked by the opening of an exhibition of photographs and documents relating to the Armistice. These will later be on display at the Parkinson Court. For more information contact Peter Liddle on ext 5566.

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