Reporter 425, 19 October 1998


Call it Manton

Bill Williams
Life Fellow

Members of the University may like to know that the re-naming of the erstwhile Astbury Building as the Manton Building, in honour of Professor Irene Manton, took place on July 20.

The Vice-Chancellor named the building and planted a Gingko tree nearby. Professor Manton’s niece Elizabeth Clifford was present, as were many of the Professor’s colleagues and friends. All were delighted at these additional tributes to Irene’s memory by the University.

Several people asked me about the Manton crater on Venus. In the recently-published CUP Atlas of the Solar System the crater was named after Irene’s sister Sidnie, also a famous biologist, not after both sisters as earlier agreed. I am happy to report that the error has now been corrected. The CUP immediately apologised and assured me that both sisters would be named in all future reprints and editions. The mistake stemmed from information supplied to the editors by the US Geological Survey, responsible for allocating names to Venus features. On July 31 I received an email from the USGS saying “that the working group for planetary system nomenclature has approved adding Irene to the description information for Manton crater,” and another message on August 6 saying that the change has been added to the database and the web site:

Car park watchdog

Dr Richard Howells
Institute of Communications Studies

I was surprised to discover that the cost of “casual” parking at the University has now gone up to £2.50. This represents an increase of 250% since I joined the academic staff four years ago.

May I request, therefore that either my salary is increased in line with the cost of parking, or that the cost of parking is reduced in line with my salary?

I realise, of course, that neither of these things is going to happen. All I can hope is that someone, somewhere takes on board the fact that these employer-imposed increases in the cost of coming to work are both noted and resented.

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