Reporter 424, 5 October 1998

The University has announced the following appointments, promotions and category transfers.

Mr Roger Gair has been appointed to the post of Deputy Secretary with effect from September 1 1998. Mr Neil Charlesworth has been appointed to a post of Finance Manager in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology and Health, with effect from November 30. Dr Jonathan Adams, the Dean for Strategic Development, is changing roles to spend more time concentrating on major strategic developmental projects.

Dr Stephen Baldwin, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Professor of Biochemistry; Mr Graham Barber, Music, Professor of Performance Studies; Dr Arun Holden, Physiology, Professor of Computational Biology; Dr Lynette Hunter, English, Professor of the History of Rhetoric; Dr Peter McWilliam, Research School of Medicine, Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology; Dr Alexandra Mikhailov, Applied Mathematical Studies, Professor in Mathematical Physics; Dr Jonathan Partington, Pure Mathematics, Professor of Applied Functional Analysis; Dr Philip Robinson, Radiology, Professor of Clinical Radiology; Dr Phil Taylor, Institute of Communications Studies, Professor of International Communications; Dr John Truss, Pure Mathematics, Professor of Mathematical Logic; Dr Sonia Williams, Leeds Dental Institute, Professor of Oral Health Services Research; Dr B Marjorie Wilson, Earth Sciences, Professor of Igneous Petrogenesis; Dr Edward Wood, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Professor of Biochemistry.

Lecturer A: Mr A Beaumont, Colour Chemistry, Dr L J Bull, Geography; Dr J Ryder, Education.
Grade B: Ms A Blair, Law; Dr R Blaug, Politics; Dr S J Brookes, Division of Oral Biology; Mr G Crawford, International Development and European Studies; Dr L Czaban, Leeds University Business School; Dr D Donnelly, Pharmacology; Dr V A Dupont, Fuel and Energy; Dr A Georgiou, Nuffield Institute for Health; Dr J R Ginther, Theology and Religious Studies; Dr J S Goodey, Law; Dr D Jackson, Fine Art; Dr K Konhauser, Earth Sciences; Dr C Knudsen, Applied Mathematics; Dr M Levesley, Mechanical Engineering; Dr L Lin, Colour Chemistry; Dr A Madill, Psychology; Dr G Marshall, English; Dr H M Miller, Biology; Dr E A Parfitt, Earth Sciences; Miss L K Philip, Earth Sciences; Dr C N Preece, Civil Engineering; Dr K Salhi, French; Mr T P Skelly, English; Dr K N Tapley, Colour Chemistry; Dr S Waters, French; Dr N Winn, International, Development and European Studies.

Grade 1A: Mr D Brook, Textile Industries; Mr L A Davidson, Institute for Transport Studies; Mr A J Deakin, Mechanical Engineering; Mr J E Tate, Institute for Transport Studies.
Grade II: Dr M Butterfield, Mechanical Engineering; Dr D A Campbell, Molecular Medicine Unit; Mr R S Hudson, Leeds University Business School; Dr C L Lawton, Psychology; Mr J K Littler, Leeds University Business School; Dr R Liu, Institute for Transport Studies; Dr D Lowe; School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering; Dr P M Patterson, Fuel and Energy; Dr N J Stonehouse, Biology; Dr A Whitehouse, Molecular Medicine Unit.
Grade III: Dr S Roseneil, Sociology and Social Policy; Dr D P Watling, Institute for Transport Studies.

Grade 1: Mrs D Baboolal, The Language Centre; Miss P Dixon, Continuing Education; Ms S Driver, Media Services; Mrs K P Mistry, University Computing Service; Ms J Nowosilyc, The Language Centre; Miss A Tattam, Leeds University Environment Centre; Ms O Wrigglesworth, Media Services.
Grade 2: Miss J Charlton, Fuel and Energy; Miss M Clarke, Student Office; Mr J Dodds, Geography; Mrs S L Hawksworth, Healthcare Studies; Ms A Kenney, Leeds University Environment Centre; Ms J A Lyon, City and Regional Office; Mr G McDonald, Central Purchasing; Ms A W Moore, Education; Ms L Nightingale, University Union; Mrs L A Ofner, Physiology; Mrs M A Oldfield, Microbiology; Mrs V Sercombe, Nuffield Institute for Health; Miss C A Walder, The Library; Miss C Weaver, Sociology and Social Policy; Mrs L J Yates, Healthcare Studies.
Grade 3: Ms G Allison, NHS Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education; Mr J Cookman, Pharmacology; Dr D Jackson, Fine Art; Miss A Westbrooke, Sub-Dean of Arts Office.
Grade 4: Mrs K Aveyard, Human Resources; Miss M S Aziz, Human Resources; Dr D G Belk, Departmental Support Unit; Mr T P Brannon, Central Purchasing; Mr L Chung, Pharmacology; Mrs S M Clarke, Estate Services; Ms L J Conway, Careers Service; Mrs J Gaunt, Departmental Support Unit; Mr K M Gleeson, Finance Office; Mr J A Iredale, Medicine; Mrs C J Langham, Human Resources.
Grade 5: Mr K Oldroyd, Print Services; Miss J E Share, Student Office.

Grade 1: Mrs C Gordon, Earth Sciences.
Grade 2: Mr T D Bucknell, The Library; Miss H Davies, The Library; Miss S M Oakes, The Library; Mr M J Richardson, The Library; Ms J M Saunders, The Library; Mr D Tomkins, The Library.

Grade 1: Mr A Kapdi, Healthcare Studies.
Grade 2: Mr C Howley, University Computing Service.
Grade 3: Mr A J Busby, Departmental Support Unit; Mr C Gibson, University Computing Service; Mr R Haigh, University Computing Service; Mr R P Masters, Administrative Computing Service; Mr J E Oughton, Biology; Mr R A Southern, University Computing Service.
Grade 4: Mr N Bruce, University Computing Service; Mr B J Greenfield, Administrative Computing Service; Mr Q Li, University Computing Service; Dr R Sansam, University Computing Service.
Grade 5: Dr I P Hobley, University Computing Service.

Grade 1: Miss J Connell, Psychological Therapies Research Centre.
Grade 2: Ms A Banton, International Medieval Institute; Miss S A Connell, The Library; Dr S Fores, Computer Studies; Mrs J Gilroy, Healthcare Studies; Mr D Hemsley, Safety Services; Mr A Hill, University Union; Mr C Hudson, Mining and Mineral Engineering; Ms R M Lawrence-Francis, International Medieval Institute; School of Computer Studies; Mrs L Quinn, Media Services; Mr R Schofield, University Computing Service; Ms F Smith, Psychology; Mrs P Stark, Medicine.
Grade 3: Mrs N Clement, Law; Mr M Fry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Mrs K M Guyers, Division of Imaging and Radiography; Dr I M Halliburton, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Mrs J L Horrocks, Division of Imaging and Radiography; Mr A Jenkins, Computer Studies; Mr A M J Jenkins, Computer Studies; Mr A P Kelly, Human Biology; Ms B Lawton, Student Counselling Service; Dr J Maxfield, Computer Studies; Mr D Mills, Chemistry; Ms M Sedley, Student Counselling Service; Ms P Tharratt, Student Counselling Service; Mr D Whiteley, Electronic and Electrical Engineering.
Grade 4: Ms M M Boyle, Teaching and Learning Support Unit; Dr I Cornils, The Language Centre; Mr D O'Halloran, Healthcare Studies; Mr C D Jowett, English.
Grade 5: Mr W G Black, Electronic and Electrical Engineering; Dr L B Bonnett, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Dr R Creasey, Civil Engineering; Mr P A Halford-Maw, Chemistry; Dr O A Hartley, International, Development and European Studies; Mr W Hinds, Law; Mr W F Oleske, The Language Centre; Dr M J Smith, Chemistry; Mr W A Thomson, Biology; Dr A M Walker, Textile Industries; Mrs J Wilson, Healthcare Studies.

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