Reporter 424, 5 October 1998

ODL project offers new ways to learn

Expert advice on open and distance learning (ODL) is available from a University project set up to encourage innovative and flexible methods of teaching and learning for a growing student population, both on and off campus.

Guidance is available on a range of delivery methods, from print-based learning materials to sophisticated multimedia accessed around the world. In many cases, a combination of methods is used.

“The open and distance learning project can contribute to fulfilling the University’s aim to offer high quality learning experiences to an increasing number of students,” explained Christine Talbot, ODL courseware development officer.

ODL has been around at Leeds for some time – over 40 departments have some aspect of it in their courses – but interest has accelerated in recent years.

“Students are becoming increasingly familiar with alternative forms of delivery which can enrich their learning experience,” added Cilla Ross, the University’s second ODL officer.

The project team can offer advice on incorporating ODL, edit material where appropriate, and is currently developing a network of those interested within the University. The ODL project will be officially launched on October 27.

All academic and academic-related staff will be receiving a leaflet about it later this week, and can meet both officers at the project launch.

For more information email Christine Talbot:, or visit the website at or by telephone on ext 3186.

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