Reporter 424, 5 October 1998

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Do you care?

Graeme Baylis, a PhD student in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, wants to talk to women who care for adult relatives or friends, or have done in the past. Her particular area of interest is single women or women who care for a husband or partner, and who began before retirement. For more information please contact her on 267 3728 or email:

Mail bonding

Lifetime email addresses are available to members of the University through a UCS pilot project. The initial stage has been going well and the scheme will soon be extended to cover more people. For details see

Healing hands

Massage sessions for University staff resume at the Occupational Health department on October 6. The sessions will then take place every second Tuesday and cost £13.50 per half hour and £25 per hour. For more information contact Karen McDonald on 07957 281 631.

Scientific community

Over £500,000 is available for scientists and engineers who bring their subject to life for their local community.

Royal Society and British Association Millennium awards have been granted to projects as diverse as organising science workshops with the local pub or producing a play with a scientific theme.

Grants of up to £10,000 can be claimed by groups or individuals. The closing date for applications is December 31. For more information contact Meenal Gupta on 0171 973 3069 or

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Reaching for space

Two allocations by the group on space issues from the minor works fund are to be made during 1998/99. The deadline for first round applications is November 2 but departments are required to register their intent to apply, giving a brief statement and location of works by October 5. For more information contact Jane Freer on ext 5955.

As part of the rolling review of the University’s estate strategy and capital programme, departments are being asked to review their space requirements. The group on space issues should be notified of any space issue not being addressed, space that might be released or shared, and of any teaching space that might be brought into central management.

Head for the huts

Bookings for the Pennine and Mountain Huts are being taken at the Physical Education Centre from Friday. Bookings from groups of University staff and students start at 9.30am on Friday October 9, costing £60 per night. Bookings for groups containing non-members begin at 9.30am on October 16, costing £80 per night.

Seven days of science

The Committee on the Public Understanding of Science has funding available for organisations or individuals interested in staging an event during next year’s National Week of Science, Engineering and Technology. The week aims to raise awareness and encourage young people to study science, engineering and technology. The closing date for funding applications is October 30.

Runaway success

Teams of runners from the Student Support Network and Level 11 of the E C Stoner Building raised over £1,000 for the charity SCOPE after completing the Leeds and Prague marathons. Anyone interested in joining the teams for next year’s Leeds marathon should contact Simon Robinson on ext 5070.

Common interest

Membership of the Senior Common Room Club is now available to all University staff due to the closure of the staff social club, which will be closing later this month due to the high costs of refurbishing the listed building. Membership of the SCRC costs £16 and the facilities include a bar and restaurant. Further details are available from Pat Brooke on ext 4161.

Retirement offer

Applications are being invited from staff under the premature retirement and mobility incentive schemes. The closing date for applications is February 26. For more information contact pensions manager Geoff Parkinson on ext 4138.

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